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Expanding the Pie

Revealing more information and talking about your goals/needs can often lead to negotiations outcome that is more beneficial vs one you would've gotten if you were just bargaining about positions.

This is caused by the fact that you and your counter-part can have rather different views on the value of the resources each of you possesses. It can be cheap for you to do something that would be quite valuable for the other person (for example: generating publicity for other party by using your platform)

The Orange Parable is a classic example of how focusing on underlying goals/needs instead of positions can benefit negotiations

In salary negotiation this can apply as negotiating for more vacation, or other bonuses that are disproportionately more valuable to you then your employer

It's not always possible to arrive at a such a win-win situation though.

Sometimes getting 70 percent of the small pie might be better than getting 50 percent of a marginally larger one.