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My exobrain setup

This is a summary of my knowledge management and thought augmentation workflows & tools for CFAR Alumni rEUnion 2021


Data involving flows via iRoam

exersise stats - HIT

financial situation tracking

reading in audio is a game-changer

It extends the range of environments and situations when it's conventient for you to do reading.

my listening speed is 2.3x

this dramatically increases throughput. You can start with 1.2x and go up from there. I found that moving past 1x default is the important thing. So if you've been wondering if you should try it

I have a setup to transform any articles that I add to Instapaper into a podcast (via TTS) Pollycast - https://github.com/Stvad/pollycast

Having some good wireless headphones seems to make a lot of difference in making this convenient

My latest choice is Poly BackBeat FIT 3200 (among other things - they work in the shower 😛)

Readwise highlight collection workflow

highlights from everywhere go to Readwise (Instapaper, Google Books, Hypothes.is, etc)

And it has a SRS review mechanism to surface them over time

Also they get injected into Roam, where I can do a second order of processing on them (writing notes based on them, scheduling additional SRS review for them, etc)


Using Spaced Repetition to master your tools