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My knowledge processes: articles

I have a somewhat elaborate process for reading things that I find on the web. I've been inspired to share it because it finally after many a long iteration feels adequate!

Reading things on the web seems like it should be easy, and yet - I've been failing at it for many years 🙀

The first problem is of-course is that there are too many things out there that one may be tempted to read.

My first instinct to combat that was to keep things I want to read in open browser tabs forever and breathe a sigh of relief when my browser crashes and all the tabs disappear

First problem is saving articles for later and never coming back to them

Partially because throughput is lacking

comprehension/retention dimension

fractal structure

similar level higher level and deeper processing


{{TODO}} do an excalidraw diagram

loop on SRS

can include the links to blocks in the labels

but need to make sure R.G. exports them (link them from elsewhere as-well)


Roam ➡️

Transcribe into a podcast ➡️ ➡️➡️➡️➡️


this part is still tbd

follow up from previous things I read

Friend recommendations directly or on Twitter

Lesswrong newsletter/aggregator newsletter

find it better because it's pre-curated vs processing a Raw stream of things from something like RSS


When I encounter something that I think would be worth my attention - I add it to Instapaper

I don't actually use Instapaper for reading, but adding things into it serves as a trigger for workflows that would

create an SRS item

Transcribe the articale into a podcast form

spaced repetition to keep salient

get the audio format,

in which I decide whether I want to read a deeper or like the audio version is sufficient

after listening to audio- mark as done or put on top of the queue

dedicated reading

getting a tablet to read from/ipad

dedicated device,

with ux affordances

but also having a mindset that the device is for "serious reading"

include highlighting with Hypothisis, review in Readwise and reference in Roam

ipad highlighting hack

audio notes

Things I'm still unhappy about

taking notes alongside writing

handwriting sucks

a lot of friction for getting a kb and typing things out

external kb?

tts keyboards kind of suck

audionotes lack context

tts ux

rn something needs to be a proper article to be properly transcribed

Key improvements

Highlight an importance of some aspects of the process

switch in mindset for podcast version as necessarily a final step to potentially intermediate step of pipeline

Failed experiments

spritz speed reading

audio takes role of first pass

if there is a second pass -

copying things into Roam and reading them there