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Spaced Repetition can be used for inbox maintenance

Making something into a SRS card gives you a new option for dealing with the given inbox item. So instead of engaging with the item in the moment or deleting it - you have an option to "look at this later".

You are employing the power of exponential backoff to deal with the flood of incoming items. For the most relevant things - you'll deal with them right away. For the things that you don't want to deal with now - you'll have an assurance that they'd rise to your attention again.

As the repeat interval increases exponentially - eventually you'll effectively delete the item without incurring the cost of explicitly doing so.

To think of it I've actually employed a similar strategy for the tasks - by rescheduling them to the future, though without the explicit exponential increase in interval.

usage notes

You can invoke the Roam Toolkit SRS functionality multiples times to set an initial interval you're comfortable with

It probably makes sense to keep the relevant inbox tags on the items to more easily distinguish various inbox types and various SRS prompts from each other