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spontaneous thinking vs deliberate thinking

I find that most of my current thinking process is happening in a "spontaneous" manner - I have thoughts as I go about my life and I would flash them out a bit if things seem particularly promising - briefly transitioning into a "deliberate mode"

Among other things this is how this note has started

?Arguably most ideas would start here as a consequence of unconscious processing of information

In deliberate mode - I'm focusing on elaborating/diving deeper into an idea, will do additional research/etc. The goal of the deliberate mode is to create deeper understanding of the topic

There are other ways of going into the deliberate mode - the easiest I can replicate is having a dedicated time to do evergreen notes tending. Picking a note that seems exciting and developing it

Is deliberate mode "more virtuous" ?

that's the unsubstantiated feeling I have

You need "spontaneous mode", but it's also by its nature easy to achieve and will happen naturally

Though ideas happen in spontaneous mode far more often when there is a deliberate mode phase (or focused work) present in your life

How do you build structures to spend more time in deliberate mode?

I have the deliberate writing time enforced by Beeminder as a way to push me in that direction

Is there a more "natural" way of getting there?

focused work would include some aspects of it, but is not quite the same