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You can send "control events" between different clients. (ofc this is just a different lens on matrix bot)

e.g. send a message to ask Roam client to fetch a given block/etc asynchronously

Where's matrix you can have kinda delayed requests for information.

say I want to share something. And I mentioned like the block/page/etc where I want to pull in some additional information.

And like I can post a request a competitor request, inside the chat, and it's like a promise for the future content.

if the matrix client on the Roam side is online, it will just respond with the appropriate content and if it is not online, it will wake up at some point and fetch the relevant events since and then it will like resolve the promise and respond with additional information.

And I guess any offline kind of offline/local first apps can do this


m.relates to edit event with Roam block id as a target

so you can do block edits by sending matrix replace messages 😮