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Close open loops

Solve the issues that keep popping into your head

It often happens that a task would occur to you repeatedly or an idea would keep coming back to your mind.

In such situations it's valuable to notice that and drive it to resolution, so it doesn't stay as a constant drag on your mental capacity - consuming limited attention and short term memory.

"Driving it to resolution" can meen multiple things

completing the task

writing about the idea

Or, what is often simpler and more effective for me, - recording a voice note to myself with the current thinking about the topic

saving the task into an external system for doing things that you have

you need to trust the system to bring the task to your attention at relevant moment or in a relevant context

delegating it to someone you trust to take care of it

a failure mode here is delegating it to someone, but then still being worried that the task won't get completed, and that consuming your attention.

It may still be valuable to delegate in such a case, but you'd want to supplement the fact of delegation with externalizing the tasks of following-up

The key aspect here is convincing your mind that the task is handled and doesn't require additional contemplation