Vlad's Roam Garden

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When a piece is added to Readwise Reader - a Roam "block" for it is automatically created

It's tagged with to/read and configured to become an SRS Card

The core pillar of directing my attention programmatically is Spaced Repetition - I use it extensively for inbox processing, engaging with content over time and developing habits.

How does this work:

When the item is originally added to Roam - it's scheduled for a review in one of the next few days

During my daily reading time, I review each suggested item. If I want to read it, I do so right then. Otherwise, I either:

I reschedule it further into the future

Or mark it as "done" if I'm not interested in the piece anymore

It proved to be a good match for reading inbox handling. The above process has the effect of:

keeping the things I want to read salient

sorting them by excitement - things that I'm repeatedly not excited to read end up scheduled exponentially further in the future