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Have different lenses on the same conversation (document focus vs chat focus)

Currently, the comments in collaboration tools (Google Docs, Figma, etc) are disconnected from your standard communication medium (e.g. Slack)

That causes a fragmentation of your conversation

you need to follow it in several places

you are never sure where have you talked about that particular topic

and when you try to search for it - you need to do it over a variety of tools

At the same time it's valuable to have conversations in-context.

We can make this situation better by using one messaging medium and presenting different lenses on a given conversation, based on your context.

This solves the fragmentation issues mentioned above and allows you to present the most appropriate conversation UX, depending on the situation.

Mockup - how it'd look like if Figma was integrated with Slack for comments (expand to full screen view for better experience)