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Search Your Feelings to Learn More Quickly

author:: Aris DeMarco

Full Title:: Search Your Feelings to Learn More Quickly

Highlights first synced by Readwise August 28th, 2023 body awareness wcs

Pay very close attention to how what you’re wearing makes you feel. And I mean in a directly tangible/physical feedback sense, not ‘feelin’ yourself” (although that’s always helpful).

For example, skinny jeans make me really aware of my leg action. They have to be a certain kind of stretchy/snug to have a potentially noticeable impact. Yes, I know what the ideal fit and brand is to help me work through my legs the best. (American Eagle skinny/athletic tapered 360 flex in 29/32.) The feeling of compression helps me articulate my legs properly; it was harder to feel without that feedback when I was trying to learn


footwear is also a great and very underrated tool simply for skill development. A different height of heel, how long the shank is, a split sole, etc are going to give very different sensations; and with some experimentation you’ll notice that you can focus on really different elements of foot action depending on what you’ve got on your feet.

One thing that I really like about the JT high top shoes is how adjustable they are. Between where you lace them--below or above the ankle or at the ankle crease--and how tight the velcro is around your lower leg/whether you have one or both straps on, there are a LOT of different sensations you can achieve with a single shoe.


New highlights added August 28th, 2023 at 2:14 PM body awareness wcs

For wcs/concept/body flight—wait, what is body flight? Let’s just say it’s a combination of how controlled your weight transfers are, with your rate of upper body rotation. For me personally, wearing an open sweatshirt with a heavy zipper makes me *really* aware of my torso angles and how quickly I’m opening/closing my over and underrotation


Dancing on a very slow floor to teach pushing through your feet

-Dancing on a very fast floor to learn how to ground/settle in your hips (or dancing on ice, if you have it; I just made someone do this)