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Hi there I'm Vlad.

I'm originally from Ukraine and up until a year or so ago I was a Software Engineer in various places on the planet. (The last one was Bay Area @ Amazon)

Check out https://standardresume.co/r/vladyslavsitalo for a (an outdated) CV. Giving an overview of what I've been up to until ~mid 2021.

Following that that I left Amazon and after some time spent traveling - I've transitioned to being an independent researcher in the Tools for thought field.

Here are some things I've been thinking about:

I'm currently thinking about how messaging is a cross-cutting concern that exists among many services. And how having "Stripe for messaging" would be valuable.

An interesting corollary to that is if executed well this can help solve challenges with interoperability between web applications that, arguably has prevented web from achieving its full potential (see Semantic Web)

As a first step around this I'm prototyping a closer integration between knowledge management and conversion (think RoamResearch x Slack).

How do we help people who are thinking about unique similar things to connect and have a conversation.

An exploration on how to use your writing to help you automatically discover people who think about similar things to you when no one else does

You can also explore http://vlad.roam.garden for some of the older working notes