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design portfolio 2022.11

Recent work

(added a quick mockup for tag streams since recording this video)

On sharing web-page fragments

Older projects

roam.garden - a service for publishing digital gardens from RoamResearch

iRoam - mixing in interactive computing into Roam

also see https://twitter.com/VladyslavSitalo/status/1424468125068767240 for a demo of reactive computation aspects of it

Roam Toolkit - vim navigation, SRS and various other UX improvements for Roam

Date manipulation UX improvements are "small" but I think they made a lot of difference on how nice it feels to interact with date objects in Roam. Most of that migrated and has better demos in https://github.com/Stvad/roam-date

CrowdAnki - A Plugin for Anki designed to facilitate cooperation on creation of notes and decks