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It's inefficient for people with high hourly income to do menial work

If you have a way to generate a large stream of income it makes sense to delegate low-skill tasks and designate some additional time to your main job.

There are several problems that make this less straightforward

most people receive salary and not hourly income. It's hard for salaried employees to generate additional hourly income.

And as a consequence people who receive the salary don't have visceral feeling that they are wasting their time when performing menial work.

I believe hired help is a far more common occurrence in developing countries. Or to be more precise in countries where there are people with a high disparity in income

But that does not offer a solution for higher income countries

Check if there is research about how often contractors/people being paid by hour/ tend to outsource menial work comparatively to the salaried employees

House cleaning is on my mind

fixing things


Task Rabbit allows people to publish tasks and for other people to bid on them

wonder if they have any reputation handling ?