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prioritizing what to read

I have a sequence of shelves with number as their name - starting from 2 (2,3...)

When a book gets recommended to me I add it to "want-to-read" shelf

When it's next recommended/I find some other reason that indicates that it's a good idea to read the book - it goes to shelf 2

Same for shelf 3

This way I aggregate recommendations & get a shortlist of books that I should read

When I want to read an article - I add it to Instapaper

As a consequence - I get an audio version of it that I can listen to

But it also gets injected into Roam with Spaced Repetition metadata added to it

So then it'd show up during my daily review a few days later and I'll either decide to read it or reschedule it for later.

So this one is less about prioritization and more about scheduling