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Reliably running stateful infrastructure is hard

The entropy of the system increases over time

Disk space will overflow with logs, other misc data

Memory leaks, however small will eat all the memory over time

security vulnerabilities are discovered

hardware decays/breaks

dependencies change

partial updates of the system are hard

the update while maintaining the uptime is hard

network will go down/do weird things

Install security updates

Security configuration in general


Be careful around state management

Careful around making any changes

And this is all assuming hardware is an abstraction (e.g. you're using cloud VMs) which is far less true if you need something to exist over time

I have a bit of a hosted infrastructure PTSD from my time working at Amazon 😅

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I have a strong preference for not running stateful infrastructure and so when I was getting into the world of Matrix development a natural question for me was - how does one create a serverless bot for Matrix.