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WCS teachers of SF Bay

Likely an incomplete list of people in San Francisco, Bay Area who teach West Coast Swing (usually both group lessons and private lessons)

List is presented in alphabetical order

Alyssa Glanville (SF)

Austin Kois (SF)

Ben McHenry (Tracy, CA)

Cameo McHenry (Tracy, CA)

Cameron Crook (East Bay, SF)

David Mulford (SF)

Estelle Bonnaire (East Bay, SF)

Frank Jiang (SF, East Bay)

Jacob Albritton (SF?)

Janelle Guido (Far North Bay, SF)

Jason Wayne (Napa)

Jason Wyman (South Bay)

Joanna Meinl (South Bay)

Jodie Tarpo (SF?)

Joel Gibson (Peninsula, East Bay)

Joseph Tong (SF?)

Kathleen Sun (SF?)

Kevin Kane (Peninsula, SF)

Maggie Moreno (SF)

Mackenzie Goodmanson (?)

Melissa Rutz (SF)

Michael Kielbasa (Walnut Creek, CA)

Michelle Kinkaid (SF, Peninsula)

Tends to teach older/classic WCS style & connection

Nataliya Kane (Peninsula)

Natasha Flowers (Peninsula, East Bay)

Richard Kear (South Bay)

Tends to teach older/classic WCS style & connection

Riley Crozier (East Bay, South Bay)

Sean McKeever (SF)

Selina Her (SF, East Bay)

Shanna Porcari Nysen (Peninsula, South Bay)

Tim Kenny (Peninsula, East Bay)

Yenni Setiawan (North Bay)


Ariel Navarro

I've heard she teaches, but haven't really heard anyone specifically mentioning lessons with her

Samuel Anspach

(unclear if actually does lessons?)