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West Coast Swing


Some of my favorite videos (all improv): wcs/video

Why I dance WCS specifically:

I’ve done Argentine Tango a while back, which I enjoyed, but it had some things I wasn’t happy about - it has to be danced to a specific music that I’d usually not listen to by default (though now as a consequence of doing Tango - I've discovered some tracks that I enjoy), and it made me feel a bit stuck in the past (there’s Tango Nuevo, but it’s almost its own new style)

I’ve tried Salsa (though far more briefly) and haven’t felt inspired by it (for partially similar reasons).

Then I saw someone dance WCS at a party and became curious because it looked great, and they were dancing it to contemporary music.

That's how I discovered WCS exists

To sum it up: I like how it looks & feels, and I like that it can be danced to the most music you’d hear. 🙂

Other styles that share some of those properties are:

Zouk (I just like WCS more 🙃)

Fusion (or Blues Fusion) (curious to try it sometime! I think the common wisdom there is that you want to be comfortable with at least one other dance before going there as it combines aspects of many dances)

Modern Jive - looks interesting, but doesn’t seem to be popular in US

See Deliberate Practice in West Coast Swing on me figuring out how to get better at WCS