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being systematic about life

One difference that I notice in myself and other people who broadly identify as being part of rationality community is that I'm more likely to approach any questions/area in life systematically.

This mainly comes up when I'm faced with a non-trivial problem, or a problem that repeats over time.

In such situations I tend to wonder - has anyone came up with an established "best" way of solving problems of this type. If not - are there structural reasons for this or was it just because no-one tried to systematize things?

Some recent examples for me include:

figuring out how to get better at West Coast Swing


ongoing effort in food systematization

I'd contrast this approach with a default that I'd describe as

going with the flow

doing what other people are doing

doing the first thing that comes to mind

doing what you were always doing because you parents were doing the same thing

It's a meta-cognitive habit to always ask, given that I want to achieve goal X

is it worth to spend time optimizing it

Not always worth it

limits to knowledge

if yes - what is the most effective way to get there

but valuable on the margin

recurring tasks vs long-term processes

CFAR systematization mostly focuses on the rucurring tasks

but I mean this in a broader sense

other word is "deliberate" approach to life

being more agenty?