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Against most instructional dance content being video-only

Most of the instructional WCS content available out there are the video demonstrations. And I believe that is bad.

You, of course, want to have the video demonstrations.

But it's a bad medium to present a coherent overview of the topic

you can't search the videos

and you can't find relevant videos based on the content with something like web-search, so they are not very discoverable

you can't link to an explanation of related concept as you mention it in the video

it's hard to lay out an overall structure of a topic in a video, as it doesn't afford for non-linear exploration

It also doesn't quite afford for the same depth of discussion of conceptual material, compared to a written piece

What I think you want instead is a hypermedia piece: a text scaffolding that creates a broad structure and goes deep, but is also liberally peppered with video demonstrations and other visual aids

See wcs/concept/lead projection for one of my attempts at creating such a guide.