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Read it once mindset

An important stepping stone to make audio form work well for me was overcoming “only read a given thing once” mindset.

What I mean by that is that when I originally started using TTS to read things - after listening to an article - I felt like "I read this, I'm done with it an and don't need to engage with it anymore".

And while it's actually true for many types of content (opinion pieces, news articles, fiction) - I found it that for deeper, more technical pieces - just listening to something once, often wasn't quite satisfactory. I wanted to highlight paragraphs, add notes, play with presented models.

As a consequence I was avoiding listening to all content as I had a vague sense of unease "but what if it's a piece I want to engage deeper with and by listening to it, I'd lose an opportunity to derive full benefit from it".

Eventually I realized that it was silly 🙃

My new process is:

listen to all the content that comes my way first

this is sufficient level of engagement for a large chunk of what I want to read

for things that need deeper engagement

put them on top of the queue of the to-read things

read them again (likely in text form this time), highlight and annotate them, play with models they present, find follow-up reading

Spaced Repetition reminds me to engage with the piece until I mark it as fully processed