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peek at things on the internet

Part of explorations around Make Transclusion work, exploring how you can make current web better by bolting transclusion-ey things on top of it

I find it valuable to "peek" at things as I browse the Web

What I mean by peeking is engaging with content in a way that is less of a "commitment" vs navigating to the page or opening it in a new tab.

Which allows me to gain richer context for the page I'm and avoid {{switching costs}}

Link text & title often does not communicate enough information for you to know if it's actually what you're looking for/want to engage with deeper


google search


satisfying curiosity when reading a larger text

but a brief look at the content of the page is often enough to confirm whether it's something you want to interact with

from search: is it a bs article & you're captured by seo

from newsletter: does this actually look like something I want to read?

next page of the book


live preview in Safari - inadequate, but good bc implemented on the browser level

my experiments

mixed success, I find it useful sometimes, but most of the time it's in the background

Nutshell usages in the wild?

ui experiments

expand-to-view-in-place vs hover previews?

persistent sidebar previews similar to how people do side-notes

opening things in a new tab is pretty good actually

especially with Tree Tabs

good qualities

async queue

bad - accumulate forever


command browser

"loop up" functionality in mac/etc