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spontaneous thinking vs deliberate thinking

I find that most of my current thinking process is happening in a "spontaneous" manner - I have thoughts as I go about my life and I would flash them out a bit if things seem particularly promising - briefly transitioning into a "deliberate mode"

Among other things this is how this note has started

?Arguably most ideas would start here as a consequence of unconscious processing of information

In deliberate mode - I'm focusing on elaborating/diving deeper into an idea, will do additional research/etc. The goal of the deliberate mode is to create deeper understanding of the topic

There are other ways of going into the deliberate mode - the easiest I can replicate is having a dedicated time to do evergreen notes tending. Picking a note that seems exciting and developing it

Is deliberate mode "more virtuous" ?

that's the unsubstantiated feeling I have

You need "spontaneous mode", but it's also by its nature easy to achieve and will happen naturally, assuming you give space for it

Though ideas happen in spontaneous mode far more often when there is a deliberate mode phase (or focused work) present in your life

How do you build structures to spend more time in deliberate mode?

I have the deliberate writing time enforced by Beeminder as a way to push me in that direction

this but as a routine that I do daily in the morning has been helpful

I don't find it as onerous and it provides a space for me

so if I have something that I've been pondering - I'd have a space and time to write about it

ofc if it's "intense" enough contemplation it'd prompt me to write by itself

but this is very valuable for thing that didn't breach that threshold, and so I wouldn't have written about it, with no set space

Is there a more "natural" way of getting there?

focused work would include some aspects of it, but is not quite the same

How do I make it more inherently rewarding?

Right now (unless I'm in that mode as a consequence of spontaneous -> deliberate transition), going into a deliberate mode explicitly is hard.

Part of this is that writing is kind of hard for me

It's important to find topics that I'm excited about elaborating on, as my current default process pushes me to look at things that are in the "attention queue" soon, but that does not translate to excitement.

Maybe just being aware of this is already helpful, but it'd be nice to have some structural support here

The thing that does not map on this distinction well is walking to think

Is it deliberate because I'd have a specific thing I'd like to focus on and load the context for?

Also bc the point of this exercise is actually thinking/making intellectual progress

It has more of a form of "spontaneous" thinking though - you're outwardly engaged in some light-weight activity while mostly intellectually occupied with your topic presumably

But also your mind will wander and the pondering would be background at least some of the time